Ellen Brothers

President, American Girl/ EVP Mattel, retired

Ellen moved to Madison 22 years ago to accept a job with American Girl….best decision ever! She’s a Midwesterner, central Illinois, by way of Connecticut. Ellen is mostly a corporate geek who loves marketing and numbers and had the proverbial right time/right place opportunity to manage American Girl, one of the most amazing start-up to big company experiences ever. She’s a direct marketer through and through, think catalogs, before the internet era. She spent time at Pepperidge Farm, Campbell Soup and was a member of the Mattel executive team.

She really likes working with people and is good at mentoring and having fun. The fast paced world of Fortune 500 companies and constant travel wore her down so she retired a few years back. Another really good decision.

She rides horses now, is becoming a bicyclist, and wants a dog.

Oh, and she serves and has served on a few boards, including Building Brave, is currently engaged with an education based start up company, is working with a Venture Capital Group and mentors several business women and one man. Retirement is not for the faint of heart!! She spent time on the University of Illinois and Columbia campuses long ago.