Elisabeth Stitt

Parenting Coach and Educator, Joyful Parenting Coaching

Building Brave Experts, Author and award-winning parent educator, Elisabeth Stitt is not only a mother herself, in 25 years she taught more than 3000 students. That means she has seen it all—all kinds of kids, all kinds of parents and all kinds of families. She believes 100% in an individual’s capacity for growth—whether that is the child learning new skills or the parent learning to be patient. She is highly creative about finding the solution that will work just right for your family.

Elisabeth’s book Parenting as a Second Language, came out of Elisabeth’s work coaching families one on one and out of the workshops she leads. When working with parents, Elisabeth always starts with parents’ own values because she knows that no parent follows advice long enough for it to work if it is not in alignment with their core beliefs. Each chapter provides exercises for parents to work through their own thinking while touching on general themes like connection, empathy, consistency and consequences.