Denise Knoblich

Vice President of Marketing, Roth Living

Denise Knoblich is the Vice President of Marketing at Roth Living. The business specializes in luxury appliance distribution throughout fourteen states. Her role has evolved since she began her career in 1996. Denise started in sales and marketing, moved into regional management and now is part of the executive team. In addition, Denise is a member of the Board of Trustees. A native of Idaho, she grew up in the appliance business and worked for her family until she finished her degree at Idaho State University. Denise’s fascination of cultures and politics drove her to earn a degree in International Relations with and emphasis in economics. During the recession, Denise began working with companies to study consumer behavior as it related to high-end brands. The result was an innovative consumer centric approach intersected with modern technology. She believes success should be by design, not left to chance.