Ann Salerno

COO of The Change Cycle

Ann Salerno is the COO of The Change Cycle Series. They assist people in dealing pragmatically and effectively with change. She never though she’d become an expert in the human response to change because she had other career plans! But in life, shift happens.

Lillie Brock and her left executive positions 28 years ago determined to discover why implementing change at work is so difficult. Our plan was to figure that out, write a book and get on Oprah. we figured it out , wrote some books, and are still waiting for Oprah’s call!

They condensed mountains of research data into the science-based (and user-friendly) Changed Cycle model. They are honored that The Change Cycle materials are available in 9 languages and used worldwide by corporations, governments, nonprofits, universities, hospitals, and the CIA (don’t ask).

She lives in Louisville, Kentucky – she’d love to meet for Derby Pie and to talk about change.

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