“Unlock Your Potential”

“Unlock Your Potential” inspires women to live their bravest lives. Mary shares what it was like to be in a David vs. Goliath battle that she was totally unprepared for but in which she discovers that she has played small most of her life, underestimating her own abilities and potential. The experience taught her to overcome self-doubt, fear of failure and letting what others think hold her back. She learned how to unlock her potential, and now she shares these lessons with other women.


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Mary is amazing and BRAVE. Hearing her journey will inspire any woman who has ever allowed fear, self-doubt or negative thoughts prevent them from pursuing their deepest ambitions.

—Suzanne Kelly, Waukesha Business Alliance

Mary’s Story

Mary founded Building Brave to inspire and empower women to unlock their potential. Her vision is a global online community of 10 million women who are connecting, inspiring and empowering each other.  She grew up wanting to be a business person just like her dad, Dick Burke, founder of Trek Bicycles. After a successful career in the private sector and an unlikely campaign that almost made her governor of Wisconsin, she found her passion and path in empowering women.

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I can’t tell you what a unanimously enthusiastic response we received from all attendees – and these were women who all have impressive achievements of their own.

—Kara Kaiser, BMO Harris Bank