Skill Gaps: We Have them (We’re Human)

Aug 23 2019

Playing to our strengths gives us a healthy mindset, and helps us reach our goals. Also, a recent honest conversation in our app community around our weaker sides provided levity and relief. Call them weaknesses, call them skill gaps; the most successful among us have them. You can fret over them or regard them for what they are – part of being human. 

From the Building Brave community

“When people explain things to me, I like them to keep it simple. When someone throws me directions all at once I get lost in the middle and hear Charlie Brown’s teacher…Wa WA wa WA WA”

“I freeze up whenever I have to do simple division in front of anyone. Give me a pen and paper and it’s a breeze, but mental math brings me to a stand still.”

“I have terrible name-recall anxiety! I’m still reeling from an incident where I reeeally stepped in it with an acquaintance. And her name matches my own!”

“I tie my shoes like a kindergartner and have trouble reading an analog clock. It seems silly but it trips me up in social situations, especially when I feel I’m being watched or put on the spot…have done well in career but in those moments I feel so dumb.”

Arpad Nagy-Bagoly/Fotolia

Turning flaws into assets

“I stink at quick replies. My mind moves so quickly that verbally I can’t keep up. I’m extremely direct to top it off, so the words are often very blunt with the thoughts very sparse. It’s like talking in outlines, which throws people off balance and bruises their feelings. So now I don’t respond immediately. I make myself notes and put it in a logical form for others to follow, then develop verbiage to with the ideas that is much softer. It usually takes a couple drafts before the big picture is good enough to share and be accepted. My flaw may be my biggest asset, at least when I can harness it.”

Read the supportive community responses — great advice to the shoe-tier here, and an easy hack for figuring out tips, too (math came up a LOT).  

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