Want Better Productivity? Be the Coworker You Always Wanted

Aug 09 2019

Mahatma Gandhi’s saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world” empowers and inspires. People often focus on trying to change other people, and forget that their only power lies in changing themselves.

Building Brave Expert Lisa Merlo-Booth

Lisa Merlo-Booth

Create powerful change in your life using relationship expert Lisa Merlo-Booth’s Basic Rules of Engagement for the workplace:

1. Build co-workers up, don’t tear them down. When you tear down a colleague you harm your work environment, which leads to less productivity and financial loss. In this economy, a reduction in productivity is the first step towards lay-offs –yours and your colleagues.

2. Be inclusive, not exclusive. If you have a team lunch, invite the whole team. Don’t exclude those less popular. You’re no longer in Junior High, so make sure you don’t act like it.

3. If you don’t have anything nice to say about a person, say nothing. There’s no reason to gossip about how someone dresses, looks, spends his/her time etc. Pay attention to yourself and stop trying to get others on board with your badmouthing. If you feel the urge to put someone down, instead consider what you’re jealous of, afraid of or how you feel threatened. This is your issue not theirs.

Try this…

Assess how you show up at work in the three areas above, and choose one to focus on for the coming week.

Remember, the happier people are at work, the more productive they’ll become. Higher productivity yields greater income, which in turn, protects you and your company from layoffs, pay cuts, and downsizing.

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