Too Busy? Take Charge of Your To-do List

Jul 31 2019

We start Monday morning with energy, good intentions, and an organized to-do list. Checking off one “done” box at a time feels so satisfying, even for a small or simple task. As the week progresses, our lives fill to bursting. That to-do list grows longer and longer. Often, our own priorities fall to the bottom, and the checked-off done boxes number too few and far between. 

Building Brave’s Experts share strategies to shift from busy to bounty, helping us gain more productivity without running ourselves ragged in the process.

Your day, you decide

Building Brave Expert Darcy Luoma

Darcy Luoma

From  Darcy Luoma, CEO Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, LLC

I hear from so many women that there’s just not enough time the day. The good news is, you get to decide what you want to do with your day. You get to decide if your to-do list and meetings are in charge of you, or if you are in charge of your list and schedule.

  • Ask yourself what’s most important: What would your ideal day look like in terms of meetings, solo work time, and personal time
  • Change takes time, but having goals to work toward can help you decide how to spend your day
  • “No.” is a complete sentence, and explanations aren’t always necessary. You can also say no to a request and then offer to brainstorm other possible solutions, or touch base at a later date or phase of a project
  • How do you want to say yes: Too often we say yes to things because we don’t have a good enough reason to say no. Try flipping it. Say no if you don’t have a good enough reason to say heck yes!


Block time

Building Brave Expert Christine McMahon

Christine McMahon

From Christine McMahon, CEO Christine McMahon & Associates

The objective is not to work more, or even harder, but to work smarter.

  • At the beginning of each week, and then at the end of each day, detail what you need to accomplish this week/day, and the amount of time needed to complete each task
  • Block time on your calendar for each task
  • Build in breaks before and after those blocks or “focused segments” to respond to calls/emails/texts
  • Block time allows people to know when you’re available for questions or meetings
  • During a focus segment allow your mind to block out everything else and concentrate without interruption (you can even leave your office to avoid being “found”)
  • Asses required meetings and determine the value of those meetings based on deliverables on your to-accomplish list. It may be time to shed some of these responsibilities by delegating or signing up to receive minutes rather than attend these minutes.

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