Make Small Shifts for Greater Work/Life Balance

Jul 01 2019

Contented, successful women figured out that true joy comes not from having it all, but from striking a balance. Feeling exhausted and without enough hours in the day can impact not only our present, but also our plans for the future.  The happy news? Even small shifts in habits and planning–like these tips from our Building Brave community–can improve work/life balance.

Make a change

“My friend’s job hours kept creeping later and she found it hard to say no to work duties. She got a dog and started taking the bus. Now she had a hard stop to her day based on both the bus and the puppy schedule. It also gave her time to pursue her side hustle passion and she’s really enjoying it.”

“Keep your phone in your bag when you get home or schedule slots where you’re totally present with your family. If you need to work off hours, do that on scheduled time and then return to your family.”

“Meal planning– even for three days in a row–clears mental clutter, frames your grocery/financial planning, and helps avoid eating out.”

“Online shopping like groceries, Amazon, Stitch Fix, etc are a game changer for saving time compared to running errands.”

Schedule ME time

“Scheduling my week ahead of time and sticking to it NO EXCUSES is the only way I can make sure I do things for myself. I have to make myself accountable to someone/something (in this case, my calendar) to get myself to do things for ME.”

Set goals and track progress

I set specific goals for both short and long term in each area of my life that feels important for my success and happiness: family, career, fitness, relationships, finances, fun, philanthropy and spirituality. I calendar and prioritize my time based on those goals each day/week, and then at the end of the month I review them to see which are on track and which need more attention. I rate each category a 1-10 and try to keep all categories at least a 5. Creating a bar graph gives you a strong visual. When people try to get all areas up to 10 is where burnout can happen. Below a 5 is where people tend to feel most unhappy. Try to keep everything at 5 and recognize areas ebb and flow.”

“My balance approach changed with the stages of my life, and I adjusted my approach based on personal priorities. Sometimes I changed my approach because it made sense at the time. Having a mentor to talk through situations, challenges, and opportunities helps you gain clarity and focus.”

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