Interviewing While Working

Apr 29 2019

Interviewing while gainfully employed puts you in a position of strength, and can also give you a case of nerves– especially if you love the job you already have. Weighing job responsibilities, title, compensation, benefits, company culture, and which position (new or current) more closely aligns with your goals and potential can turn excitement into stress.

If you find yourself going mad with “what if” potential scenarios, take a deep breath and heed this advice from our mentor team:

Get the offer, then decide
Mary Burke - Founder & CEO of Building Brave

Mary Burke

No need to stress about changing jobs until you have an offer. Having options is great and in the end you may decide to stay put. Think of an interview as exploration and an opportunity to create options. You may learn something new, put yourself in a position to negotiate for a raise where you currently work, or make a new connection. Congratulations on putting yourself out there and investigating the possibilities! – Mary Burke, Founder & CEO, Building Brave

Explore possibility


One of the great things about interviewing while employed is that they have to sell you on the job. Listen to your gut, mostly it’s correct. – Beth Healy, President, Beth Healy Consulting, LLC

Denise Knoblich – Vice President of Marketing Roth Living


As you go through the interview process, make sure you don’t communicate any doubt about wanting the job. Take some time to think about what’s most important to you. There is no wrong answer- if flexibility supersedes money and retirement benefits..that’s okay. At that point you know and can stay in your current role. It’s a worthwhile exercise. – Denise Knoblich, VP Marketing, Roth Living

Return to your goals

Angie Rieger – SVP Planning and Head of International at Lands’ End, Inc.

If I have learned anything the last 30 years of working, it’s that nothing is forever. If after 18-24 months it’s not working, you don’t have to stay. – Angie Rieger, SVP Planning And Head of International, Lands End, Inc

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