Downsized. Acquired. Eliminated. Now What??

Apr 26 2019

Healthy successful career paths include twists, turns, and downright tumult. Other people’s highlight reels come prominently displayed in their bios and resumes, but behind the shine most of us have our own not-so-fun surprise career change stories to share.  As frightening as a layoff feels, we can take comfort in knowing most of our heroes survived similar situations, climbed out, and landed better than ever.

Leaving the job might not be our choice, but we get to choose how, where, and with whom we share our talents next. And our mentor team has tips for how to do just that.

8 Career Transition Tips from Cheryl Tidwell, VP US Sales Practice
Cheryl Tidwell Vice President US Sales Team

Cheryl Tidwell


  1. Enjoy the time off, reconnect with friends and family
  2. You have a lot to give a new employer. Don’t forget that just because your position was eliminated or when you aren’t selected for a job
  3. Network now. It’s hard, unglamorous, and a full-time job.
  4. Build a profile of what you’re looking for (job titles, favorite companies, etc) to give to those who offer help
  5. Hire a resume-writer. They will pull out of you all the skills and talents you have and make them marketable
  6. Soul search what you really want to do and how much money you really need to make
  7. Take a month off if possible and gain perspective; go into interviews fresh with all your experience, and without the baggage
  8. You WILL have tough days. Believe in yourself!
Bonus tip from Mary Schmoeger, Accomplished C-Suite Leader

Document your personal inventory of skills and accomplishments while they are fresh. You will need this for your resume and also as a reminder that you are AWESOME!

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