Just a Rut or Time to Move on?

Apr 24 2019

Most everyone goes through periods of restlessness in our careers. Boredom and feelings of dissatisfaction often means something needs to change; perhaps we need new challenges in our current role, maybe we need to pursue a promotion, or simply need to take a vacation. We might need to seek change outside of our professional life to energize us, not even realizing our funk has little to do with our work, and more to do with our health or personal life. Other times, we need to leave our organization and pursue an entirely new job or field. How do we know what’s just a rut versus when it’s time to move on?

Anza D'Antonio - Senior Group Commercial Counsel Johnson Controls

Anza D’Antonio

Anza D’Antonio outlined 7 signs it’s time to start looking for a new job:
  1. You regularly dread going to work, even after a vacation
  2. You seek affirmation from the universe, fortune cookies, and online “What’s my purpose” tests
  3. If women you respect with more tenure than you encourage you to move on
  4. Your company doesn’t promote women regularly or the atmosphere is negative
  5. You will likely increase your wage, flexibility, or benefits elsewhere
  6. Thinking about a new job takes up too much space in your mind and you’re constantly scanning job boards
  7. You constantly vent about your current job
Other Building Brave Mentors weigh in on the conversation
Mary Burke - Founder & CEO of Building Brave

Mary Burke

Organizations like to hold on to good people, and many times they don’t realize how an employee might benefit from a fresh perspective. Mary Burke suggests seeing if you can reignite your passion in your current position through a conversation with your boss about diversifying responsibilities, innovating existing processes, and potential new projects. “Never hurts to have a conversation–so long as it’s framed as being in the interest of doing a better job. What comes out of it might help you decide if it’s time to start looking elsewhere or not.”

Building Brave Mentor, Kelly Fitzsimmons - Co-Founder of Custom Reality Services

Kelly Fitzsimmons

Kelly Fitzsimmons  recommends noticing if you constantly complain to friends, if you take a lot of sick days, and suggests journaling– freestyle writing for twenty minutes daily– to see what comes up. “If you’re consciously thinking it’s time to leave, it’s likely long overdue.”

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