Working While (Side) Hustling

Apr 22 2019

Many entrepreneurs possess a powerful one-two punch of ambition and creativity, but almost nothing can replace passion as a motivator to make a side-hustle into a successful career. Women lead fuller lives than ever before; between full-time jobs, full-time families, and part-time 1000 other responsibilities, finding the energy to fuel our passion project can feel next to impossible.

How do I find the energy and time?

Building Brave mentor, Katie Frank

Katie Frank

Your desire to grow your business has to be bigger than your excuses not to. You have to decide what’s more important, and the compromise doesn’t have to be forever!” – Kate Frank, Owner ReforMadison

Community suggestions:
  • Set a routine/schedule for meeting your goals and put it on your calendar
  • Break tasks and goals into bite-size pieces and recognize each mini-milestone
  • Find an accountability partner (or group) and check-in regularly to report your progress and hold each other to task
  • Draw inspiration from podcasts or audiobooks related to your side-hustle during your commute or lunch break


Should I quit my day job?

Building Brave Mentor, Ru Nataraj - Owner Spirit & Style Events LLC and Groove Madison

Ru Nataraj

Examine your risk vs benefits. Have a three month savings buffer (or more!). Make your social media and marketing strong before making the jump. – Ru Nataraj, Owner & Senior Event Planner, Spirit & Style Events LLC.

Building Brave Mentor, Gail Ambrosius, Owner/Chocolatier at Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier

Gail Ambrosius

Learn as much as you can about your industry. Be the expert, do lots of research, work in the field if you haven’t already. Look at similar businesses and figure out how to be better. – Gail Ambrosius Owner/Chocolatier, Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier

Mary Burke - Founder & CEO of Building Brave

Mary Burke

Starting a business and making it successful is really hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise probably hasn’t done it. You can make it a lot less risky with a plan to validate your concept before walking away from a paying job. One young entrepreneur I interviewed fine-tuned her product (dog biscuits) selling at weekend farmers markets. She gained confidence little by little to know her product was viable before leaving her job.  You will probably need several iterations of a business model before you find one that works, so build this into your planning. It’s a tough journey, but so worth it! – Mary Burke, Founder and CEO, Building Brave

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