How to Build a Strong(er) Team

Apr 19 2019

When teams function well, success follows. Positive productive process goes a long way in creating positive productive outcomes. A healthy strong team balances skill sets and job descriptions with diverse communicators and personality types; creative thinkers generate ideas and inspire vision, strategic planners insure ideas align with goals and map process, facilitators excel at communication, act as mediators, and keep a group focused. Introverts often possess strong listening and discernment skills, while extroverts tend toward effective interpersonal and presentation skills. An almost infinite number of personal/professional traits and combinations exist. Each of us bring a myriad of qualities to the table that–when articulated, strengthened and utilized–can propel a team forward.

Tips from our Mentor Team

  • Assessment tools: BEST Communications, DISC Assessment, Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder
Becky Splitt - Past CEO, Board Member, Tech Startup Advisor StudyBlue

Becky Splitt

“I first used Meyers Briggs 20 years ago, so when one of my teams suggested we all take it last year I was wary it wouldn’t have kept up with the times. I was wrong. It is just as helpful today. – Becky Splitt,  Executive Chairman, StudyBlue Inc.

  • Establish core values as a team, with a team, that you can reiterate regularly and call upon during times of conflict or difficulty
Karen Lincoln Michel - Publisher and Editor of Madison Magazine

Karen Lincoln Michel

Karen Lincoln Michel, Publisher and Editor, Madison Magazine, takes a collaborative approach to team dynamics. “If I don’t have expertise in a certain area, I will seek out someone who does (on my team or in another department) and ask questions. I find that people appreciate being asked, and I’m forthcoming with my team to let the know I ran my idea past someone with expertise and this is how I incorporated feedback into the plan. We need each other to fulfill our mission, whether it’s a team project or a company goal.

  • Brush up on effective communications basics with a group seminar on active listening, skills for having hard conversations, and/or conflict resolution.
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