Career Advice: Wise Words Inspire Wise Action

Apr 10 2019

Wise words from people we admire can focus us, motivate us, and lead us to wise action. Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote “do something everyday that scares you just a little” might nudge you to put yourself in the running for a promotion, or take-on an assignment goal or role that feels beyond reach. Our mentor team shared with us their most (and least!) favorite career advice that helped shape them into successful leaders.

Career Advice From our Mentor Team

Ana Hooker

Do all those things that no one else wants to do, and you will learn more in the long run! – Ana Hooker, SVP Operations

Robin Douthitt

When you start a job, don’t try to impress people with what you know. Even if you think you understand how things work, ask everyone for their feedback on what works and what can use improvement. You will learn a lot about the organization and people. Use these first 6 months when you can ask naive questions wisely.  – Robin Douthitt, Emeritus Dean & Professor

DeVona White Cottrell

Be open and accept stretch assignments. Knowledge is power! – DeVona Wright Cottrell, Director & Associate General Counsel

Deb Cooksey

The worst advice: wait your turn (relative to projects and raises). – Deb Cooksey, Associate General Counsel

Kelly Ehlers

Trust your gut. When I have gone against instinct, I’ve seen failure or poor decisions materialize. – Kelly Ehlers, Founder & CEO

Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld

Life is long. As long as you’re living, you’ll keep growing and making new friendships. – Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld, Co-owner

Mary Burke

From the time I was very young, I wanted to be a business person just like my father.  He was my role model. His advice was “You can be anything you want to be.Just go out there and work hard.” – Mary Burke, Founder & CEO


Wise Words From our Community

Don’t do business with someone you feel you have to constantly apologize for- whether to clients, coworkers, or yourself. They may provide a benefit in the short term, but they are likely not the right fit to aid in reaching your long term goals.

Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

Nothing is forever. If things aren’t working, you can change.

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