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Mentors. Life Coaches. Friends. Experts. Heroes. You’ll find all sorts of us in Building Brave’s community of amazing women and each of us believe that when we support each other – incredible things happen. Whether it’s recognizing our own value or finding the strength to bounce back, the connection with others is powerful, regardless of how confident we feel. And lending your voice of support further completes our support squad.

Women Inspiring Women

Journeys. Dreams. Stories. Comebacks.

As a community, we inspire each other to recognize our own value and believe in our potential. Inspiration can come from a silver lining story after facing failure, an inspirational quote – even a nudge of support that inspires your first step towards change. Whatever a full life looks like to you, the inspiration to live it can be found in the Building Brave community.

Women Empowering Women

Discover your most confident self and support other women to do the same.

You’re inspired. You’ve got your support squad. What’s your next move? Building Brave guides you step by step in a fun and engaging way through practices where you’ll earn points and badges. Confident Communications. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Bouncing back. Self love. These are a few of the areas of practice that will guide you to discovering your most confident self. Looking to connect with women who share your interests? Join a community like: Health & Well Being, Workplace, Women In STEM or College Life – to name a few. Ready, set, go – we’ll lead the way.


The most engaging, interactive women’s community 24/7

We’ve built a dynamic and engaging digital mobile platform that connects women with inspiration, support, and collaboration. It’s also a powerful tool for established women's organizations and conferences to deepen their relationships and impact with the women they already serve.

All Day, Every Day Access

Inspiration, Support, Practices, Mindfulness, Engaging Conversations; Building Brave brings it all together for easy access anytime, anywhere. Our design, inspired by best practices in gaming make it not only impactful, but just as important, fun and engaging!

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Women’s Groups
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Organizations and corporate women's business resource groups use Building Brave's mobile platform to connect and engage their women members in a private, interactive community.

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Women’s Conference Connector

Building Brave's app is a tool that delivers your conference content to attendees and facilitates conversations in a private community long after the conference ends. The content can be written into daily practices that engage your attendees year round, deepening its value and keeping your conference top of mind.

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Being brave means having confidence in your purpose, your worth, and your abilities. As a woman, society is constantly telling me who to be and how to feel. Building Brave’s safe and welcoming community provides the strength, understanding and practices for me to feel confident being me.

—Adelaide F, Young Professional

MacKenzie F.

College Student

As an ambitious woman, it can be difficult to find other people who share your passions. Building Brave gave me the community of strong, encouraging, driven women that I was looking for. I love the community feature on the Building Brave app. It's amazing how much more empowered you feel when you surround yourself with incredible women who want to build you up.

Gail F.

Partner, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc,
Madison Alumnae Chapter

As a tech savvy, mobile device dependent millennial who aspires to do BOLD and COURAGEOUS things in my lifetime, it is nice to have my supportive Delta community of women at my fingertips—to continue to stay connected and committed to building our BRAVE. To have tools at your disposal to reflect on the ability-limiting practices we as women have been conditioned to uphold. If you want to build your capacity for shattering the standards for women, start with Building Brave.

Kamini D.

Building Brave Intern

Building Brave is so much more than an app. Building Brave is a community of women that I can look to for inspiration while I’m building my confidence. We all face real challenges, and knowing that I have a supportive group of women rooting for my success is invaluable.

Deb C.


Building Brave is an extraordinary female-centered space to encourage personal growth and for sharing ideas that are important to me. Thank you!!

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